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military figures with http://www.studioeis.com/portfolio/bronze-sculpture/#7

This album represents some of the work that I did during a nearly two year engagement that I enjoyed with the most venerable and accredited StudioEIS. StudioEIS has been famous for more than 30 years as a purveyor of the highest quality historic bronze monuments and unparalleled museum figures though out the world. In my time with them, I worked with an incredibly skilled and talented, international staff of sculptors, painters, mold makers, costumers and designers. Together, we created an effigized militia of nearly 80 figures for The National Museum of the Marine Cops in Quantico Virginia. That was one project. There were so many others. While I was there, the studio produced more than 120 figures, many of which were bronze and utterly astonishing. For as long as I’ve been an artist I’ve had a desire to work with life sized figures but, had never had the opportunity till I arrived at StudioEIS. Immersion was immediate, intensive and largely alien. Prior to my time with EIS, all of my sculpting had revolved around parades, props, displays, amusement parks and architectural shapes. EIS was a different world that would require my learning an entirely new skill set. It was as fascinating as it was arduous. By the skills and experience that I had acquired there, I was able to find my into Carole Feuerman’s studio to take my abilities with life sized figures further.