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Carole had cast this child's face more than 20 years ago so, the child isn't really a child any more. For all of that time she contemplated the cast but was, never quite sure of where to take it to next. A sculpture competition in Ube Japan came to her attention. Where next to take the cast was born. Carole brought in her 95 year old aunt to serve as model for the next component. Her skin was so thin and the bones in her hand looked so delicate that I didn't dare to use the silicone because removing is would have entailed a wrestling match that she clearly couldn't endure. Alginate was the only logical alternative
as It requires very little struggle to be freed from but, it's weight causes all sorts of distortion, in this project, so much so, as it turned out (or, rather, didn't) that we would need a plan B. Carole has fine strong hands with a great deal of character to them. I molded her hands in silicone directly to the cast of the child's face. It resulted in a perfect fit and completed a project that's fruition required the better parts of 2 decades.
Hands On Face
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