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I’ve been involved in the arts one way or another for my entire life, I’ve been sculpting professionally since 1987. In that time I’ve worked within an expansive array of mediums, fields and genres. I’ve worked in clay, paper mache’, plaster, fiberglass, assorted resins, foams and silicones. I’ve done massive amounts of welding, mold making, armature construction and life casting. I’ve worked on grand parades, videos, motion pictures, prototypes, amusement parks, Christmas window displays for major department stores, museum dioramas, historical bronze monuments and hyper-realistic figures for world renowned artists and galleries. Most recently I’ve invested myself fully into learning how to sculpt inside the computer and letting carving robots and 3d printers do the majority of my physical sculpting. Many may feel that this approach is bereft of the tactile romance commonly associated with sculpting by one’s hands but, after intensive study I may attest that all of the romance is still there. Any shape that can be achieved in clay or wax or stone may be achieved and/or exceeded in polygons as the geometry remains the same but, the plasticity has increased exponentially. The materials weigh no more than the codes from which they are compiled. Sculptural designs may now be executed in varieties of scales and materials from a single model.  Through this technology it is also possible to afford all parties involved a very clear pre-visual experience of what the piece will be before any physical process or material is expended. From my Mac, my tablet and my office chair, any shape, most any size is now possible. It is very much like a dream come true.